Indoor Air Quality: IAQ Manager


Indoor Air Quality: IAQ Manager


Indoor Air Quality has become an essential aspect of a building’s performance. It not only influences the human well-being, but is also crucial for the longevity and durability of the HVAC installation itself and the overall condition of a building. The IAQ Management programme consists of three courses: IAQ Supervisor, IAQ Manager and IAQ Specialist, which build on each other and enable Technicians, Engineers, but also Building operators, architects and others to assess the IAQ situation in a building, identify common problems and solutions and design HVAC systems based on the most relevant IAQ parameters.

All courses are physical attendance only.

Course details


Level 2


2 days


Technicians, facility managers, engineers, building operators, technical management, planners


Maximum 30 people


750 EUR

Course description

Minimum requirement: Completion of the first level course – IAQ Supervisor

In this level, participants will dive deeper into air filtration, the various types and products and their related installation, operation and maintenance. The course will enable participants to define optimal operating procedures and specify filter requirements according to the operational environment. It addresses common mistakes in operations and maintenance and energy saving potentials while improving filtration performance in buildings. In practical sessions, participants will learn about filter media and products used in HVAC equipment. We will also take a closer look at air handling units and air purification technologies like UV and ionisers.

  • Level: 2
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Audience: Technicians, facility managers, engineers, building operators, technical management, planners
  • Capacity: Maximum 30 people
  • Fee: 750 EUR


Day 1

  1. Air filter performance: pressure drop measurement, filter efficiencies and lifespan
  2. Filter Anatomy
  3. Air filter types and designs: mechanical & chemical
  4. Typical filter media used in the HVAC industry (H&V)
  5. Appropriate filter installation in HVAC systems

Practical session

  • Air filters used in HVAC equipment
  • Air handling units
  • Filter media sample

Day 2

  1. Filtration Perspective on air diffusion  
  2. Climate and operational conditions & consideration
  3. Filter testing and standards
  4. How to read a test report
  5. Identifying IAQ issues
  6. Professional maintenance measures (preventive vs reactive)
  7. Assumptions to avoid

Practical session

  • IAQ solutions Industrial perspectives on UV, ionisers
  • Q&A

Dates and locations

The courses are organised on regular basis at different locations and can be booked also on demand for a bigger group by companies (please inquire at

Please pre-register for this course here. We will keep you informed about upcoming dates and locations.

Corporate trainings on request

We also offer dedicated courses for public and private organisations, who wish to train more of their personnel. Please contact for further information.

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