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About us

About us

Regulation and Standards

As the HVACR industry association for the region, Eurovent Middle East plays a vital role in the development of regulations and standards at regional and national levels. We place information at the forefront; through active lobbying and awareness raising on standards and regulations. We seek clarification from the concerned authorities and aim to educate the market on regulatory developments in the region.


Eurovent Middle East advocates for proper stakeholding processes and acts as a source of information for authorities. The Association comments on draft regulations and suggest fields for new ones. Eurovent Middle East understands the importance of an integrative approach to energy efficiency, apart from product specific performance requirements and promotes quality assurance protocols for design, installation, operation and maintenance of HVACR equipment.

Members enjoy regular updates on regulatory developments and access to standardisation bodies through industry delegations and joint meetings. While Eurovent Middle East acts as a true industry representation towards authorities, it also aims to increase trust and understanding among all market players to facilitate cooperation while improving knowledge and quality in the industry.

Pursuant to these goals, Eurovent Middle East also provides access to key information and references via the Document Web Shop, where members can download exclusive content such as Eurovent Recommendations (‘codes of good practices’) and Eurovent Guidebooks.

Workshops and Networking

Eurovent Middle East offers regular, free-of-charge workshops for various sectors to raise awareness on the industry while educating the market. Our HVACR Leadership Workshop series provides a neutral platform for networking and industry exchange on key issues and topics.

In cooperation with external event organisers, Eurovent Middle East provides free-of-charge speaking slots on technical matters for its members and supports focused conferences throughout the region with its expertise and marketing channels.


Our regular get-togethers enable members to informally exchange with experts and related organisations, providing unique networking opportunities.


Awareness Raising

Throughout our activities, several core issues receive particular attention. This includes, for instance, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Energy Efficiency, Maintenance and Durability, the phase out of F-Gases, and Market Surveillance. We actively promote education and awareness in the market through our HVACR Leadership Workshops, Position Papers and regular updates on our social media platforms.


Eurovent Middle East cooperates with related organisations on important issues to reach out to a wider audience. It seeks support and cooperation for key issues from other stakeholders and media representatives.

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