HVACR Technician – Advanced


HVACR Technician – Advanced


Eurovent Middle East, in collaboration with the Centro Studi Galileo training centre, offers a series of technical trainings for RAC Technicians, engineers and servicing personnel. The HVACR Technician – Advanced course builds on to the basic course and dives deeper into the acquired knowledge, allowing participants to grow their skills and competence that are necessary to properly install, operate, maintain and repair HVACR equipment and systems, in line with the best practices set by the industry.

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Course details


HVACR Technician - Advanced


2 days


Advanced level (RAC technicians with basic course completed or with good field experience)


700 EUR

Course contents

  • Practical operations on compressors, condensers, evaporators, expansion valves
  • Temperature and pressure control for each component
  • New oil sand fluids, more on new refrigerants, new mixtures
  • Detailed analysis of the system
  • Refrigeration lines and connections
  • Pressing the refrigeration circuit with Nitrogen-Vacuum and charge operations
  • Refrigerant recovery with a recovery machine from a refrigeration system
  • Search for refrigerant leaks with direct and indirect methods
  • Pressures and temperatures check – super heating and sub cooling in the refrigeration circuit
  • Issues during the replacement of old refrigerants with new ones
  • Refrigerant choice
  • Best Practice on every single component
  • Retrofit
  • Practical conclusions on all problems of a refrigeration equipment
  • Debate
  • Knowledge test


Please pre-register for this course here. We will keep you informed about upcoming dates and locations.

Corporate trainings on request

We also offer dedicated courses for public and private organisations, who wish to train more of their personnel. Please contact for further information.

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