Advanced Maintenance Course


Advanced Maintenance Course


Eurovent Middle East, in collaboration with the Centro Studi Galileo training centre, offers a series of technical trainings for RAC Technicians, engineers and servicing personnel. The Advance Maintenance course clearly focuses on this particular servicing phase: phase-out of R404A / R410A and their replacement, troubleshooting [systems malfunctioning and solutions, false alarms, frost or liquid return] and current best practices. This course includes multiple practical exercises [recovery operations, management of refrigerant mixtures, optimal procedures for periodic checks] to help Technicians solve future common failures.

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Course details


Advanced Maintenance Course


2 days


Advanced level (RAC technicians with good experience)


700 EUR

Course contents

  • Maintenance: updated news on refrigerants: next phase out/ down R404A/ R410A and replacements
  • Troubleshooting: malfunctions in a refrigeration system: Lack or excess of charge
  • Thermostatic valve [partially closed, completely blocked, regulated too open]
  • Partially clogged refrigerator circuit
  • Defects caused by the evaporator
  • Defects caused by the condenser
  • Fan operation
  • Faults, non condensable gases
  • Faults, insufficient compression
  • Best practice
  • Wrong beliefs of the practice of the refrigeration technician: false alarms, presence of frost, liquid return, hammer, the charge
  • Recovery cylinder management: determine the maximum capacity of the recovery cylinder according to the type of refrigerant, refrigerant disposal, transport, storage
  • Vacuum: digital instruments to determine if a circuit is leak proof – practical exercises, practical problems in the management of refrigerants mixtures [measurements, loading, refilling, temperature glide, etc.]: selection and choice of new mixtures for the retrofit of the systems; calibration of the control and regulation devices.
  • Periodic checks: optimal procedure to determine the presence of leaks in the circuit by performing indirect measurements; measures to be carried out to know if the refrigeration circuit works well – practical exercises
  • Debate, discussion on issues raised by participants
  • Knowledge test


Please pre-register for this course here. We will keep you informed about upcoming dates and locations.

Corporate trainings on request

We also offer dedicated courses for public and private organisations, who wish to train more of their personnel. Please contact for further information.

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